Truck Crashes

Injury cases involving 18 wheelers, tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles demand immediate investigation and a strong understanding of both state and federal regulations.  Depending on the facts of each case, Federal Law can require trucking companies to adhere to very specific rules both before and after a crash.  When truck companies and drivers violate these rules, people get seriously hurt. 

When truck accidents happen, so much is at stake that trucking companies and their insurance carriers begin to investigate accidents immediately.  You should hire a lawyer just as quickly to make sure your rights are protected.  Our lawyers are insiders in the trucking world, having worked in the past for trucking insurance carriers and passenger bus lines.  We have managed catastrophic injury investigations across the country. 

Let our team help you navigate the intricate legal landscape of trucking law and protect you and your family after a truck crash injury. We recognize the severity of injuries sustained in truck accidents and the substantial impact they can have on individuals and their families. Choosing our firm means hiring professionals who combine trucking law knowledge with a deep commitment to getting justice for our clients. Our dedication to thorough investigations, tireless advocacy and our clients and their families sets us apart from other law firms.

See our Results Page for examples of trucking injury cases we have handled and resolved.